We've rolled out a fresh design to the order modal and as such it's a great time to walk you through your manual order function. You'll notice the design has been cleaned up to be more effective for work flow:

Nothing in the functionality has changed, just the design but it's always a good time to create a refresher on all the options. 

Header options

You'll notice at the top of the page we have two toggles that replace the check boxes that were there previously:

  1. Add this order as template - this option will store your manual order as a template for future use.
  2. Exclude from eMAR - if you do not want the medication order to push to the eMAR you can select this option. It's a great feature for outpatient patients in your facility.

Entering and Ordering Provider Information

Nothing has changed in this part of the modal, although the design has been restructured to appear better to the eye. You'll notice the entered by will default to the user logged in (you must have the rights for this) and ordered by will default to the same user if they have prescribing abilities.

Order Attributes

We've moved the layout of these items to flow a bit better when entering orders. No functionality has changed, simply the design.

  1. PRN - this option will mark the medication as an "as needed" medication.
  2. Psychotropic - by default this will automatically create the specific authorization for psychotropic medication for each medication ordered with this attribute.
  3. Antibiotic - this option will automatically create an infection control consent for the patient to sign, if enable. 
  4. Action - for orders not involving medications, but actions (i.e. change a bandage BID).
  5. Take vitals prior to administering/observing - this option will NOT let a medication be distributed until the vitals have been taken. Note: you'll also want to check the order notes as often times there are "hold" requirements if vitals aren't within a certain range (i.e. blood pressure medication).
  6. This medication requires first dose monitoring - this option will "tag" the medication with a blue label reading "FIRST DOSE MONITORING REQUIRED" in the eMAR.

Dosage Types

No functionality has changed in this area either, but is simply a design update. 

You have three types of dosage types to choose from:

  1. Open ended - these orders will remain active until the discontinuation order is made.
  2. Taper (or titrations) - this option will allow you to select route, dose and frequency for a period of time. 
  3. Consistent dose - these orders are created for medications such as antibiotics which have a consistent route, dose and frequency for a specified period of time.

General Notes and Justification are also there for you to create additional information for the order. Order notes are typically used to relay ranges such as holding a medication if blood pressure is too high or low, or any other information pertinent to this order . We also have the fields for quantity, days supply, and refills as text fields for you to fill out for orders that will be faxed to a pharmacy

Tutorial on How to Enter Orders:

New Features

We hope you enjoy the new design and we have some amazing new features set to be released in our medical modules for 2018! We won't let the cat out of the bag yet but we've taken all customer feedback and we're completely rewriting our entire medical section to create the best medical module you could hope for. 

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