As a Clinician, Case Manager, Counselor, Clinical Director, Medical Director, and or medical team professional, the "Dashboard" is an awesome tool to keep you in compliance and complete your documentation prudently and systematically.  

The Dashboard is located on top of the Main Navigation List. 

When you click on the Dashboard feature you will be directed to your "To Do's" page.  Below I will walk you through the various roles that are best benefited from this feature.

Lets start with Therapists, Case Managers, Counselors and other Clinical personnel. 


Lets start on the top, as you can see the To Do's are highlighted in Navy Blue, that indicates that you are currently in the "To Do" feature of the "Dashboard."  Just below that, you can toggle by showing only your caseload so you do not accidentally complete the work of a colleague!   To the right, circled in red is your "Signature Wizard" and "Review Group Notes" tools.  Normally, as a clinician you will not have documents to sign off on as you sign your documents at the completion of your work.  If you supervise Interns you will have their documents loaded here for your review and signature.  Also, you probably will not utilize the "Review Group Notes" feature unless you supervise Interns.

As a clinician, you were probably taught that an individual counseling or therapy session is 45 to 50 minutes of individual counseling and 10 to 15 minutes to write your note.  However, whoever came up with that "Theory" clearly was not a clinician with difficult clientele!  Typically, you meet with your client for 45 to 50 minutes and then take a break to refresh and re-energize yourself for your next session. 

With that in mind, here is what I suggest as a work-flow.  Do your session, when it is complete, go to ZenCharts and using the "Notes" feature (For the How to on Notes search the Help Articles) add a new note, make sure you set the date of service and time of session and then close the note.

Now, lets get back to your Dashboard.  Later that afternoon or the following morning it is time to visit your Dashboard.  

Now select Form Audit on the Top Navigation Panel, it is boxed out in red above.   When you select the Form Audit you will now see a Clients Chart in our Form Audit layout.

Lets start on the top, you see circled  with a red oval is a drop down that allows you to switch from client chart to another client chart.  Below that in the red rectangle allows you to view the chart by documents that are "Open," "In Progress," "Ready For Review," "Closed," or "All."  The gray line is a separator between the sections of the charts.  Scroll down to the "Progress Note" section.

Now you can open the note you populated earlier or yesterday and complete the note with a fresh mindset.  *** Pro-Tip***  For speed of use it is best to utilize new "Tabs" in Chrome.  So to open a document in a new Tab either press Control (on a PC) or Command on a Mac, and click on the document title.Or you can right mouse click on the title and select "Open Link in New Tab."
Furthermore, as you are aware, documentation of the Client's Chart is the Clinicians responsibility.  Therefore, a regular check up of all clients on your caseload is imperative.  You would use the same method to arrive at the "Form Audit" tool and go through each section ensuring all documentation is complete and signed off on.  If you locate documents that other team members are responsible for you can either send them a note, text them (never text or email Personal Health Information) or utilize the "Comments" feature on all Zen Documents.

The comment feature is located on all forms on the right side of the form, I have Squared it off in Red above.

Select that feature and you will now see the box above.  Simply select the colleague you need to complete the document, write them a note and ZenCharts will notify them!  

Clinical Director

The amount of paperwork required for the Clinical Director (CD) is immense.  With this in mind ZenCharts has made it our commitment to address this in order to assist the Clinical Director with efficiency so they can utilize their strengths that earned them the leadership position they are in.  The CD position in most agencies is designed to lead the clinicians or counselors to provide a healthy continuum of care, review documentation for those workers and to be a conduit in the provision of service to those they serve utilizing "Best Practices" and remaining compliant via their regulatory agencies, accrediting bodies and funding sources. 

The Dashboard is primarily designed for the CD to manage their work flow.  Like the clinical team members process outlined above, the CD should log in to their "Dashboard" at the very least on a daily basis.  Forms are set at implementation to meet the time frames required for adherence to regulations in your state.  It is with this in mind that the "Review Group Notes" and "Signature Wizard" features were developed.  

Review Group Notes 

First select "Review Group Notes"

Now from your list of groups waiting to be reviewed (here I only have one group) start by selecting the + sign.  

Now you can view the entire note for accuracy.  When complete select the - sign to collapse the feature.

Now select the group notes you want to sign, if it is all group notes in the Queue select the top button and all notes will be marked ready for signature.  Now simply click the Green Button that says, "Sign Group Notes For Marked Sessions.

Signature Wizard

The Signature Wizard feature will save you hours of maneuvering in and out of charts.  To activate this feature select the Green Button "Signature Wizard and each document ready for your review will show up one at a time for each client.  If the document needs to be revised, skip the document, if it meets your standard select "Sign & Proceed."

If you skip a document you can then select the document from the list after you have signed all other documents.  I suggest if you have multiple documents that need corrections that you utilize the Tab feature in Chrome.  Again the Tab feature is simple, on your keyboard for Windows computers hold down the "Control" button and with your mouse select the document, it will open in a new window.  On a Mac use "Command" button and with your mouse select the document, it will open in a new window. 

The Comment Feature

When you have completed your comments a message will be sent to the clinician to revise the document as you have instructed.

Medical Director and Staff

The Medical Director, Doctors, Licensed prescribing Nurses and Physicians Assistants will utilize this section to sign their orders and Labs.


Much like your "Review Group Notes" tool, your orders are posted in a list that shows you all of the information you need to sign off on those orders in a timely fashion.  As a medical professional you also have the "Signature Wizard" tool please see above for the step by step tutorial.


Finally is the Lab signature function.  This function allows you to view your labs and sign off on them all in a couple of clicks of your mouse.

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