First Time Set Up

Setting up eFax first requires creating your preferred pharmacies. Start by going to the main menu, then click Other > System Administration > Settings then click the Medication | Consent Wizard | eFax tab.

Click add item, then fill in the appropriate fields. Also, make sure you select the locations you would like this pharmacy to be available to.

eFax Orders to the Pharmacy

Once you have your pharmacies set up, you can easily choose to eFax orders to them. Start by navigating to the patients chart, then select the main menu and choose Medical > Orders. In the top right of the page the button for eFax will appear.

In order to initiate the eFax, simply click the button which will bring you to a new tab in the browser. 

Select the orders you would like to send, then click preview.

Note: if the PDF file opens with no button to send, please refresh the page. Some browser settings force the file to open in a new tab. 

Once you have click preview, you will see the fax preview of what you're about to send. You must then select the pharmacy you will be sending to and click "Send eFax to Pharmacy" to finalize the action.

That's it! You're done. 

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