Managing Existing Authorizations

Once an authorization has been created, the task of managing the authorizations becomes important. Each authorization has several statuses that can be used. You'll see a full list of all current authorizations in your QR Queue

  1. UR Queue: shows all existing authorizations for all patients
  2. UR Calendar: shows all authorization periods as well as scheduled reviews
  3. Show Expiring: displays only authorizations that will expire within the next 7 days
  4. Filters: ability to sort and filter by various criteria
  5. Action Icons: view, edit or delete the authorization information

Note: the action icons are very important to editing existing authorizations, especially their status. Remember, you can only have one active authorization per service.

UR Queue

The queue is intended to be your one stop shop for all existing authorizations. You can get to the UR queue by going to the main menu then Utilization Review > UR Queue. Once there you will be presented with a table of all current authorizations as well as your UR calendar. 

Once you have created active authorizations, you can manage each one and their status from this area. Pay particular attention to the pencil icon allowing you to edit the authorization. 

Editing an Authorization

To edit an authorization click the pencil icon next to the authorization you wish to edit. This will bring you to the original screen where you added the authorization. A common task when editing an authorization would be updating it's status from current to care completed or pending to current. 

Note: you can also use this method for adding notes, although it's recommended to use the eye icon to view the authorization in that case.

Adding Notes to an Authorization

You have two options when adding notes to an authorization; the second is recommended. You can either edit the authorization or you can view the authorization. To perform the latter action, please click on the eye icon to the right of the authorization in the UR Queue. That will bring you to the authorization receipt.

You can see a full change history of the authorization as well as add and manage any notes you would like.

UR Calendar

The UR calendar is where you can access your authorization and review information from a user friendly calendar view. Start by navigating to the UR Queue section by selecting the main menu then Utilization Review > UR Queue. Once there you can choose the "UR Calendar" tab in the top left of the screen.

View Walk-through

  1. Filter by patient: if left blank this will show all active authorizations and reviews for all patients.
  2. Date / time filters:  choose the view you would like to operate within; day, week or month views are available.
  3. Authorization spans: shown for authorizations ending soon.
  4. Review information: by clicking on the events in the calendar you will be brought to the authorization view where you can add notes or edit authorization information.
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