This article explains the steps to properly utilize ZenCharts ordering functions in an environment where screening is necessary and confirmations are PRN (or As Needed) based on the positives/negatives of a screening result.

Step by Step

Step 1:  Start in the main waiting room (click the ZenChart's logo to get there)

Step 2: Navigate to the main menu, then click Medical > All Labs > Testing Queue

Step 3: Choose "Record Result" for the patient in the queue.

Record the screening results and select "Submit results and order confirmation"

Optional: you can also click the "Get signature pad link" to expand a client signature area and have the patient sign.

Step 4: Change or update the confirmation test(s)

Step 5: Select the correct testing profile and confirm the change

Step 6: Select your medical necessity statement, enter any order notes if applicable and submit for confirmation.

Step 7: Print the label and you're finished.

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