The process for discontinuing medication(s) is outlined below. 

Navigate to the Order Page of the Patient

Start by going to the patient chart, then selecting the main menu and choosing Medical > Orders. You'll see three buttons in the top left corner, the button we want to select is "Discontinue Orders".

Select Discontinue Medications

Once you select the "Discontinue Orders" button, a pop up modal will display that allows you to select the medication(s) you would like to discontinue. 

Choose the Orders then Select "Discontinue Orders"

Select the check box next to the order(s) you would like to discontinue, then fill in the provider who gave the order and the method of the order (i.e. verbal, telephone, etc).

That's it! You're done. Your discontinued medications will show up in the discontinued order table.

Note: If the order has yet to be reviewed, the addendum from the discontinuation will not appear until after the review signature is processed.

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