Logging in to ZenCharts

This page is the first page you will see once you log in to ZenCharts. While we will go through each section on this page, it is important to note that clicking the ZenCharts logo in the system will bring you back to this waiting room.

The Main Navigation

This main menu will used to bring you to different section within the system. 

Selecting certain items (e.g. dashboard medical, utilization and review, reporting, housing, and other) from the main waiting room will bring you to facility level options.

Selecting all options within a chart (once you select a client), will take you to that specific area in the client chart.

The Main Menu Dropdown

Selecting the main navigation will display all items you have access to based upon your rights, or permissions in the system.

If you do not see something that is important to your work, please let your system administator know. They can change this by going to system administration, rights, and elevating the permissions for a role.


If your company has more than one facility location, and you have permission to access other locations, you will see them appear in the upper-right corner.

Select the alternative location to be brought to that location's waiting room.


Click this button to see all notifications that have been generated for you to see. If you select "view all notifications" at the bottom of this view, you will see all current, and dismissed notifications.

Profile Settings

Selecting your profile settings will allow you to change your password, signature, emails, and other user-based settings.


Selecting the search icon will allow you to search potential, current, and discharged clients by first, and / or last name. Results will appear as you type.

Export Common Reports

You can export the current census, complete census, view all lab results, and print the main waiting room.

Ready to be Converted

While "current patients", and "discharged" are self explanatory, the "ready to be converted" tab will display those potential clients that have met the following criteria prior to admission: Basic client information is complete (name, address, referral source), the financial decision has been made (private pay, insurance, or scholarship), and the pre-admission assessment, or screening has been completed, and signed by the appropriate staff.

Pending Admissions Section

If you have the appropriate permissions, selecting the "view all" button will show all potential clients in the ZenCharts CRM.

Waiting Room Filters

Selecting the different filters from this page will refine the main waiting room clients. Selecting "show only caseload" will toggle only those clients that are on your caseload. This is set within a clients facesheet.

Group Schedules, and Administrative View

Selecting the "group schedules" button will take you to the calendar of clinical events.

Selecting "administrative view" will take you to a single view to see all clients regardless of location. Note, this is for multi-location instances.

Urgent Issues

Allergies, medical, suicidal, and urgent issues are displayed in the facecard for each client. 


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