Entering the CRM or Pending Admissions section in ZenCharts will be the first step in adding a potential client to the system.

Pending Admissions

Select "view all" in order to enter the CRM, or Pending Admissions section within ZenCharts. If you do not have access to this area, you will see a screen notifying you of such.

Main Navigation within CRM

1. The Dashboard will take you to a reporting overview page.

2. Potential Patient page will be the default page when entering the CRM.

3. Scheduling follow-up appointments can be done by selecting the follow up menu item.

4. Contacts will contain a list of all organizations, people, or other relationships your organization has.

CRM Filters

You can filter this potential patient page by selecting one or more of the 10 filters.

Client Status

You will notice the different status types generated when a potential client goes through the predefined process in ZenCharts.

Adding a Client

In order to begin the process in ZenCharts, and add a potential client to the system, select "new initial patient".

Import Clients

If you are moving from another EHR / EMR provider, or have a list of clients you want to add to ZenCharts, you can select the orange import button to begin the process.

Download CRM Template

In order to bulk import clients into ZenCharts, download the template provided. Once the template is filled out, you can choose the file, and select "import guests".

Select a Potential Client

Clicking the name of a potential client will take you to their file, where you can continue the process.


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