1. Navigate to the client's chart and to their face-sheet

2. Scroll mid-way down on the face-sheet and select the "Clinical & Medical" tab

3. Click on the green "Add Allergy" button

4. Start typing in the allergen you want to add into the search box, if the allergen is already in the database, it will pull up as you start typing it into the search box, then you click "Add Allergy" next to the allergen you want to add, and it will add it to the client's chart

***If the allergen you are searching for is not in the database, follow these steps***  

5. As you are typing in your allergen into the search bar, and nothing pulls up from the database, you will want to click on the green button "Create a New Allergy"

6. Enter your allergen and allergy type (you may also enter the reaction and treatment if desired, but it is not required to continue)

7. After entering your allergen and allergy type, click on "Add a New Allergy", this step will now add that new allergen to the database 

8. Now you will be brought back to the initial allergy modal page, where you will need to start typing in the allergen you added to the database, and it will now pull up from the list.

9. Click "Add Allergy", now you have added the allergy to the client's chart

10. If you need to edit the reaction or treatment after you have added the allergy to the chart, you can do so by clicking on the edit pencil that appears when you hover the mouse near the allergen, update these fields, and click on "Edit Allergy"  

(NOTE: If the system prevents you from taking any of these actions, you should contact your System Administrator to ensure that your role has the appropriate rights to enter and edit allergies in the system) 

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