If you are a new facility signing up with ZenCharts that needs to set up your medication frequency times, or an existing facility that needs to update their med pass times, here is how you would do that:

1. Navigate to the System Administration sub-menu location and select Settings from the drop down (Current Client's page > Main Navigation > Other > System Administration> Settings) 

2. Select the "Med Frequency Settings" tab

3. Adjust your times using the drop down in each column for: ONCE A DAY AM, ONCE A DAY HS, BID-TWICE A DAY, TID-THREE TIMES A DAY, QID -FOURTIMES A DAY, and FIVE TIMES A DAY (if needed)  

4. Click on SUBMIT CHANGES to save your changes and you're done! 

(NOTE: Medication times set here is applicable to the entire server, if you have multiple locations that all have different med times per location, you will have to submit a support ticket at support@zencharts.com to have custom med times built out for the other locations. 

The new med time frequencies will only go into effect fully after mid-night when the new e-mar generates for the next day) 

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