1. Sign in to ZenCharts

2.  In the current client's page, click on the name of the client who's chart you need this information for

3. You are now on the client's face-sheet, scroll down midway on the face-sheet, where you will see several tabs, click on "Utilization & Review" tab

4. The first section is where you will find the client's Rx Information if another staff member has already collected this information and entered it into ZenCharts       (to add this information into the clients chart, click below for directions)

5. The next section "...Policies" is where you will find the client's insurance                   information if it was previously entered in the client's chart, if not, you can add the insurance to the client's chart by clicking the green "Add Insurance" button and fill out the fields accordingly

6. The next section "...Authorizations and Reviews" will display any UR
pre-certifications and authorizations that have been completed for the client 

7. The final section will be "...Identification Cards". This will be where you can find any images of the client's ID, Insurance card, and Rx card if it had been previously uploaded to the client's chart. This will also be where you can take pictures of the cards and upload them if it was not previously completed. 

8. To upload an image in this section, click on "Choose File" select the image you want to upload, and click open. 

9. Click on the green "Save Facesheet" button, this will upload the image and save it to the client's chart. That's it, you're done!   

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