1. Login to ZenCharts

2. From the main navigation, select Medical, then select E-Mar Dashboard 

3. This E-mar dashboard will automatically default to the hour tab of the time it is closest to, click into the med-pass hour you want to be in

4. Hover your mouse over each client's name to display their picture, name, DOB, etc. 

5. Selecting appropriate action from the select drop down next to each medication

6. Click Administer or Observe to sign off on that client's medications

7.  Scroll down to your next client on the list to continue

Tip: To access the client's PRN's hover your mouse over the client's name, and  right click on the "View Patient" button and open the client's chart in a separate tab, navigate to client's specific emar, sign off their PRN's. close out that tab, and continue working in the E-Mar Dashboard tab

Click Here to See Instructions on Signing off PRN's

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