The Dashboard is a place where you can view and sign different documentation that is waiting on your review signature. Particularly for a director of nursing, or medical provider that needs to review sign different assessments and forms, the medical provider may need to bulk review sign orders that have been entered on behalf of them by another staff member, or to view and sign lab results.

1. Login to ZenCharts and go to the main navigation and select Dashboard

To Do's

The first screen the dashboard brings you to is the "To-Do's" screen which will display all pending documentation that needs to be completed and signed, for documents that require your review, the quickest way to view and sign and move onto the next document would be through the signature wizard

Signature Wizard

A. From the Dashboard > To-Do's list, click into the Signature Wizard (upper right of the screen)

B. You will see the client's information on the left, and the document that needs to be reviewed and signed for this client. You have the ability to scroll through the document, and make any changes if needed, and click update information

C. Once you have reviewed the document and updated the information, you can click on "Sign & Proceed" or "Skip Document". Sign & Proceed will place your digital signature on that document, remove it from you To-Do's list, and take you into the next form that needs your signature, Skip document will allow you to skip that document and go to the next one so you can go back to the document later . You will be able to review and sign off on all forms for every client from this signature wizard screen


A. From the Dashboard> To-Do's list, click into the sub-menu location of Orders

B. This screen will display all orders that have been entered on your behalf by another staff member (RN, LPN, Medical assistant, etc) for all clients. Scroll and review all orders

C. When you are ready to sign off on all the orders, select the checkbox "Mark All Orders" on the top left of the screen  (you can uncheck any orders you do not want to sign), and click "Approve Orders" to sign off on all checked orders at once.   

(This functionality is for facilities that have integrated their lab with ZenCharts)

A. From the Dashboard > To-Do's List, click into the sub-menu location of Labs

B. This screen will display all the lab results that have been returned from the lab. At a quick glance, you will see the clients name and the positive/abnormal results found. To view the lab generated document in detail, click View Lab. As you review the results for each client, click off the checkbox below their name

C. At the bottom of the screen, click "Sign Labs" to sign off on the labs that you checked-off

(below image is an example of the document you will see if you click "view lab")

Group Notes

A. From the Dashboard > To-Do's List, click on the Review Group notes button (upper right of the screen)

B. This screen will display all group notes that have been documented and ready for a signature. By clicking on the title of the groups, it will take you into the sign in sheet, where you can review the document

C. Select the check boxes next to each group you want to sign-off, and click "Sign Group Notes for Marked Sessions"

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