Navigate to the waiting room

Start by going to the main waiting room. If you're in "pending admissions" simply click the "Waiting room" button on the left side of the page. If you're anywhere else in ZenCharts, just click the ZenCharts logo.

Navigate to the tab titled "Ready to be converted" and then click the "convert" button next to the patients name.

Then choose the date/time of the conversion.

Begin the admission wizard process

ZenCharts is designed to not only offer clinical decision support, but compliance support as well. One of these features is our admission wizard that walks you through a patient intake. Typically, step one will be to sign the consent for treatment.

Note: Prior setup is required to configure and customize this process.

After the consent for treatment is signed, you'll be brought back to the waiting room where you can select track, bed, level of care, therapist, case manager, schedule and emergency contact. 

That's it. The wizard will then bring you to the intake / consent package you've defined and your patients can complete the intake process.

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