• Note there are two ways to create a Treatment Plan Review (TPR), it is important to know which method your facility uses because each server is set up differently based on how the TPR is done. This help article instructs you on how to add a TPR Form. If this is not how your facility completes a TPR, here is the link to the help article for the other method: http://help.zencharts.com/general-knowledge-base-v2/how-to-complete-a-treatment-plan-review 

Login to ZenCharts and click on your clients name to enter their chart.
Click on Menu and select Treatment Plans.

Click on Individual Treatment Plan Review tab on the top navigation bar, and then click + ADD FORM.

Add the Form - Treatment Plan Review.

Open the Treatment Plan Review form and document the updates.

This form can be customized by your facility and may look different then the demo version provided above. 

Inside of this form you will get an individual box for each problem to document progress. 

Once you've completed documenting, close out the form by having all required parties sign the form (client, staff/reviewer). 

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