Normally the E-MAR/E-MOR is auto-generated around midnight every night. However, there may be occasions where it did not auto-generate. In this situation, the System Admin at your facility (or anyone else with the correct permissions in the system) will be able to manually generate the E-MAR/E-MOR  

After logging into ZenCharts (make sure you are not inside a client's chart):

Step 1. Go directly to the Main Navigation 

Step 2. Click on 'Medical' menu location 

Step 3. Click on 'eMAR Dashboard'

Step 4. Click on the 'GENERATE EMAR' button on the top right side of the screen, only once, and wait for the system to load up the e-mar/e-mor

The system may take a few minutes to generate all the e-mars for your facility. Please only click this button once to generate the emar for your server, this will generate the e-mar/e-mor for all of the active clients on your entire server (even if you have multiple locations).

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