In multi-location environments, you can end up having multiple admissions for the same patient. Introducing centralized matching admissions. You will now be able to connect multiple consecutive if the patient was added to your server again instead of being readmitted.

How to Access

You will see a new button on the lower left side of screen, under the Group Schedule/Administrative View button(s). Select 'Match Admissions'.

How to Use

You will be brought to a dashboard of all charts that have multiple admissions but are unconnected. You see single rows for everyone with the same name and six columns unique identifiers to assist you in matching charts. Those columns are:
   - ADM COUNT:  Admission Count/total count of admission for person of that name
   - DOBS: The dates of birth of the different charts for person(s) of that name.
   - SSNS: The social security #(s) of the different charts for person(s) of that name.
   - LOCATION IDS: The ID of location(s) of admission (if multi-location)
   - UIDS: The unique ID assigned to the chart(s).
   - UIDS COUNT: Count of unique Id's for person(s) of that name.

To then match admissions press the 'Match UID' button to bring up the modal to select the charts to match together.

Select the charts to match, and press the 'Match Admissions' button. That's it!

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