In order to extract custom data from ZenCharts you'll want to create a custom report. To start, navigate to the main menu Reporting > Custom Reports

Next step, select "create report."

Choose the standardized fields to be included (Patient Specific Filters)

The first thing you may want is standardized fields such as the patients ICD-10 codes, admission date, etc. To start, let's name the report and give it a description (optional) then you'll want to select the button that says "patient specific filters".

Then choose the inclusion criteria (left column) and/or the filters (right column). 

Custom Data Addition

Next thing you'll want to do is start with your custom columns. Click the button that says "add column" which will add a new line item. You can add as many as you like. 

Then name the column and select the form you want to get the data from. 

In this example, I choose a progress note. Once I pick the document where I collect the data I can then press the + sign next to the field. This will open the actual document. Select the field you would like to report on and click "choose".

Note: if you want to report on multiple items in one data field, then you will also have the option to "combine" fields. This will give you all the options selected in one data cell. For example, if you have 10 check boxes and you want all of the selected options in the same cell.

Show Gathered Data

Once you've selected the options you want to report on you may want to preview the results. In order to do that simply click the blue "show the gathered data" button. 

Form Specific Filters

Finally, you have the option to include form specific filters such as rendering provider, date/time of service, etc. In order to add this data simply select the option for "form specific filters" and then choose the criteria you'd like to see. 

That's it! Have fun with your custom reports and as always let us know if you see anything that could be better.

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