The first step is to open Zen Charts, click on Settings, then click on Order Protocols.

Click on the green pen icon against the name of an existing protocol you want to edit.

The Edit Protocol window pops up. Choose orders from the list.

Click Update Protocol

The protocol is now updated. Click the red X against the name of the protocol if you want to delete it. Note: protocols get deleted without additional warnings.

To create a new protocol, click on "create protocol" on the top left

Name the Protocol

Select the orders that need to be in that protocol. Note: If you do not see the order you need to add, you will first have to go to the order templates page and create an order template for that item

Save new protocol.

Click here: to see a help article on how to create a new order template: 

That's it. You're done.

Watch this video on on how to update or create a new protocol

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