The first step is to open Zen Charts, click on Settings and go to Order templates.

Click Create Order

Write the order's name.

Choose Action for a non-medication order. Choose PRN for administering a medication as needed. Choose Psychotropic for a psychotropic medication.

Choose dosage type: open-end, taper (decreasing) or consistent (steady) dose. For Taper or Consistent write duration in days below (use numbers only).

Select if vitals should be taken before administering / observing.

Select if medication requires first-dose monitoring.

Write indication/justification for the order showing the target problem.

Write the medication's name here.

Select a way of taking the medicine.

Write the dose here.

Select the frequency of administering the medication.

Click Create order

Your order has been created. In order to view the order click on Order Templates.

Watch this video on how to create an order template: 

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