Accessing shift notes is simple, just navigate from the main menu and then go to Other > Shift Notes. Make sure you are not in a patients chart (click the ZenCharts logo if you're unsure).

There are several options available to your staff on the shift notes screen:

  1. This button will create a new shift note.
  2. These options are view the shift note, edit the shift note (only available to the creator), and email the shift note.

Creating a shift note

If you choose to create a new shift note, ZenCharts™ will automatically recognize your user account and create the note for your housing unit and select you as the staff member.

Basic Information

The first page you will see is all of the basic information for the shift note, after this is filled out and saved you go to part two of the note, which is patient specific.

Patient Specific Information

The patient specific information is NOT all required, the only requirement here is the note section. The patients come from the housing unit in which your staff member defaults to. This is found in their profile settings under Shift Note Default Building. You also want to make sure you turn on the notification to receive shift reports.

Shift Note Information

Here is a quick tour around the shift note page.

  1. Patient name. This is auto-filled from the patients in your housing unit.
  2. Optional vital records. This will automatically populate into the patients vital chart records (Medical > Vital Charts)
  3. Option to add additional patients that are not loaded by default.

That's it. The notes are very robust and easy to learn. Optionally, we can turn off the patient specific note portion if you choose so. Just contact your ZenCharts™ support specialists.

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