The first step is to open Zen Charts and go to Treatment Plans > Master Problem List

Click Master Problem List

Click Add Form

Add a Master Problem List.

Click Master Problem List

Scroll down and click Add Problems

Click the problem you would like to add. You can type ahead if you know the name or press the down arrow on your keyboard for a drop down list of options.

Click Add Problem

Scroll down the page and sign the document. Click Accept Signature and Proceed

A popup will ask you what you would like to do. Click Sounds Great, Take me to the Wiley Treatment Planner

You will now be in the suggested treatment planning.

Select a Goal by clicking the drop down.

Click Add from behavioral definitions to add a as evidenced by statement. You can also add to this and modify how you see fit.

Click an option from the drop down.

Choose the objectives you would like for your treatment plan one by one. Make sure to select +Add this objective to add it.

Click Add This Objective

Scroll down and click on one or multiple interventions for each objective.

You can also add Custom Interventions.

Scroll down and click Preview Objectives

You can choose to save this plan as a template for later use.

You can also set this as the default plan to be created when this problem is present in your master problem list.

Click Complete & Save Plan

That's it. You're done. Continue to build the rest of your plans by clicking "Go to the next plan" until your finished.

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