Please navigate to the CRM in your ZenCharts server

Choose the Contact submenu on the top of the screen. You will be loaded into the list of all of your Tiered Referral Sources

Tiered referral sources are an integral part of CRM 3.0. We now will associate a person, organization, and marketer to each potential client. We utilize the same logic when referring people out from within the system, adding aftercare referrals, and using 3rd party detox facilities.

Each organization will have one or more people associated to it. Each person will have a specific marketer associated to them. It is important that this information is as accurate as possible in order to maintain accurate reports.

To add a new Organization, press the Action button and choose the New Organization option.

You will then be loaded into a page that will allow you to add the information of the Organization you need to add. (You will also be brought to this page if using the Add New button when assigning a referral source in a newly added potential patient). You will need to add at minimum the Name of the Organization and choose the pipeline the Contact will be available in.


Detox – If this Organization will be used to send patients to detox/ higher level of care services before being referred back

Referral – Organization can be assigned as an incoming referral

Refer To – Organization can be assigned as an aftercare referral/outgoing referral

Medical Referral/Specialist – Used for 3rd party medical referrals

Once your organization is created, you will then need to add at minimum one person to the organization. Please use the Action button and chose the Add Person to Organization option. At minimum you will need to add the referring persons First/Last Name

After the person is added, you will now be able to assign the referral sources to the pipelines they have been set to. If added when creating a new patient, please don’t forget to hit the “Refresh Organizations” button just above the drop down where they are assigned

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